"I don't know what I would've done without you, or your help along the way. I can't count how many times I have prayed and said thank you to have been blessed by your presence. Full of gratitude for you and everything you have gifted and shared with me thus far ♥️~(^з^)-♡"
Lindsay, USA

"It always helped me heal in new ways and it's beautiful to see your drawings and energy. It feels infinite and cosmic in a grounding way.
Always great full to have done healing art exchanges with you."
'Elkar', California

"A truly talented and amazingly gifted artist who is able to interpret, and transmit, light code specific to aid a soul's journey. Very detailed, accurate, and essential work for those who are looking to unlock secrets they have been unable to access themselves on their journey."
'Lyra', Australia

"You are Truly gifted. I haven't found many that do work such as yourself. Your Channellings, drawings, messages are helping me and I'm sure many in these times. We thank you as it validates many of us that we are on the right path by providing us with great insight and words or encouragement. So keep on keepin on!"

"I love seeing your transmissions! It always reassures me that there is more to learn and explore that is bigger than life. It opens the door for new conscious light and remembering of why we are here on Gaia. Thank you for bringing in your light and offering your services."

"I love connecting with your drawings looking into them and finding out how the language without words feels. I learn about myself through them, sensing, communing. Thank you, Inês."
'Vie Ra'

"Inês, your artwork and light language imagery have been of huge benefit on my journey. With nearly image I see in your posts on Facebook (many of which I have saved or shared) I feel the shifts in my soul. Your art is healing and transformational. Your art helps all of humanity to grow into its new shape: Unity Consciouness, One LOVE, experience of unconditional love amongst all Multidimensional BEings that "we" already are. Your art is "me." Together, my eye to your heart, we set All free."

"Some people you never met in life but you feel like you know them for 1000 years and more. First there was a name, a beautiful woman with a smile and outstanding mandala/template work. Light language lover. Then everytime when I feel a little bit lost I return on the page of Inês and I feel like at home. Home of love, understanding, compassion and beauty. Thank you my dear, you know everything and more ❣️. Keep on smiling and lightning the world . Love you and thank you for everything." ️
Ines, Croatia

From my Heart to each and all of your Beloved Hearts,

Thank You for Being,

I.Smile (Ee-Nah-ii)