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The story about 'my' light language':

In August 2016, while walking barefoot on the grass i've reached 'my secret' spot at nature/vortex where i used to go to attune/center myself and/or meditate. This space is composed by 3 trees placed themselves in a triangle like structure. While inside this structure, touching one of my beloved tree's leaves i've noticed that there was a song like lullaby playing in me (my heart) as a loop. Very peaceful & soothing. When i attuned to it, i've noticed it was in Light language. This same song had remain within me on the next months as 24/7. Rocking me to sleep, hugging me whenever i was on my day and silenced my mind... After a while i started to see symbols/glyphs in my mind's eye during meditation. As i also started to speak/chant spontaneouly. It had evolved due to my own process and expansion becoming the expressions you see here today as a more Galactic expression/connections had also started to become more acknowledgeable to me on a more conscious way as a rememberance...

Thank you all for your presence, beingness & choice to be here on Gaia in such crucial universal times.

Much love blessings and gratitude to all here,

What I offer:

• Personalised Frequency Mandalas

• Personalised Frequency Templates 

Contact Form/Informations

If you wish, you can make free donation to support my work by clicking on the box below. I would also appreciate if you send me a message showing your support and Love. Thank you thank you thank you. From my Heart to Yours, may we walk in Peace as One United Collective. Much blessings, Inês.

Personalized Frequency Mandalas/Templates

All Frequency Mandalas/Templates are co-created jn a Heart centered way, in a semi-meditative state and having previously established and prepared the space I'm in and energy fields to ensure a sacred and safe transmission and translation of the highest Frequencies possible for Us at the moment of the co-creation.

The personalized frequency artworks (Mandalas and Templates) are co-created through a request for permission to connect on the OverSoul or Avatar levels in the most high vibrational way possible for me/Us at the moment of the co-creation, established through conscious intent and through my Heart space, for the reading/translation of the frequencies I inner sense and perceive to manifest in form (drawings). The frequency designs are intended to assist on one's journey of Ascension on Earth, for one's and all Highest Good, accordingly with one's Soul plan and permissions.

Beside the general intention that is set for the co-creation of the Frequency Designs, one may also add one more specific intention, if so wish within one's Heart, that shall be in alignment with All That is/One, onto assist in a specific area of own's Sacred Journey here on Earth (and beyond).

In order to assist me in establishing the connection in the moment of the co-creation, I ask for a photograph of only face and the full name. 

All artworks are delivered as a digital file suitable for printing to email. 

For more information and/or requests, please fill the Contact Form above. Thank You 🙏💜